Quilted Wall Hangings

Hawaiian Reef Fish ABC's

( 41"x65" )

This is an Alphabet Quilt featuring fish found in the reefs surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a fish's name that starts with that letter in either the English or Hawaiian language. Beadwork under each fish spells out both the English and Hawaiian (when available) names with the designated letter on a colored bead. There were no fish whose names began with an X in either the English or Hawaiian lexicon, so that letter is represented by an x-ray. It would have been possible to find a title that started with an X using scientific names, but there wasn't enough space for a third name for each fish in beadwork.

This quilt is entirely made out of upholstery material for extra texture. This quilt won a second place ribbon in the challenge category "Something Fishy" in the 2018 SKEA Quilt Show in South Kona, Hawaii.

Created and quilted by Val Brewer