Quilted Wall Hangings


( 42"x38" )

In one Hawaiian myth, a fisherman finds pueo (native owl) eggs and plans to eat them. The mother owl asks for the eggs back in exchange for becoming the fisherman's guardian spirit (amakua). The fisherman is later arrested and sentenced to death for building a shrine to the owl on a forbidden day. As he is being marched to his execution at daybreak, the fisherman's pueo amakua summons all of the pueos on all islands who descend upon and attack the soldiers escorting the fisherman. The chief immediately cancels the execution, recognizing the divine intervention.

This quilt depicts the pueos gathering to begin their attack. The quilt won first place in the Hawaiian Legends challenge at the 2016 Society for Kona's Education in the Arts (SKEA) quilt show in South Kona, Hawaii.

Created and quilted by Val Brewer