Daily Drool

(queen size bed quilt -- 95"x98")

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And now you know...

All Daily Droolers were invited to send a 12-inch finished square featuring a basset hound theme to Hawaii quilter Val Brewer. Droolers sending squares were Sharon Wilder, Daria Emma, Jim and Kim Slagel, Doug and Kathy Dropp, Pam McQuade, Debra Jones, Mary Wilson, and Val Brewer. What a variety of squares arrived -- pieced, appliques, embroidered, batiqued, hand-quilted in reverse applique, T-shirt, machine quilted -- using basset hound fabrics collected for years by fabric artists! Val put them all together and the quilt was professionally quillted by Donna Fear.

The end result is a queen-size bed quilt that is machine washable. It was raffled off in May, 2016, with the winner of the raffle deciding how much of the monies earned would be distributed to one or more favorite basset hound rescue organizations.