Quilted Pet Portraits

I create pet portraits based upon photographs sent by customers. I ask for at least two photos of each pet to be featured. As you can see below, my goal is not to capture a photographically realistic image but rather to create a textured, bright, simplified but still recognizable depiction of each animal's unique personality.

Suggestions for backgrounds, colors, and props are welcomed.

A portrait of one animal is usually around 20" square or thereabouts. The size of wall hangings increases with each additional pet portrait in the same piece. Dimensions are listed with the portrait examples below and will give you an idea of relative size.

To see the entire piece, be sure to click on the small square below. When available, the reference photos from which I worked are below the photo of the completed piece, which will give you a sense of the likeness.

I charge $100 plus postage for a portrait of one pet and $50 for each additional animal in the same piece.

To view a quilt, click on the thumbnail image below.

Annabelle's Kitties

Anyone for a Swim?

Breakfast Guest

Chloe Loves Dory

May We Come In?

Couch Potatoes


Daisy (cat)

Daisy (dog)

Duke Loves Duchess




Good Morning

Happy Anniversary

Huggie Bear & Xandy Bear



Lincoln, Abby, and Bosley

Mato and Ascha


Cat Oscar

Kitten Oscar

Our Pets

Parrot Love

Potter & Magnolia

Paula's Dogs

Scoo Baby at the Beach

Where Are the Rabbits?

Rome & Pike






Pudgy, moi?