Basset Hound Bed Quilts

I make one or two basset hound bed quilts a year which I donate to nonprofit Basset Hound Rescue organizations across the country. These breed rescues rehabilitate, spay or neuter, and find new homes for abandoned hounds. The organizations auction or raffle the quilts to raise funds for their enterprises.

To view a quilt, click on the thumbnail image below.

Arizona T-shirt Quilt

At the Lake

Basset Christmas

Basset Scrabble

Ciao Hounds

Clara's Basset Heaven

Happy Basset Howlidays


Nauti Dog

Scrabble at Daphneyland

Basset Hounds

Daily Drool

Rescue Me

Bassets and Sunflowers

Waddle T-shirt Quilt

Basset T-shirt Quilt

Daphneyland Holiday

Sea Bassies

Mariah Fire Dances

Hobs Goes Surfing

Dog Park


Wreaths and Bassets