Basset Hound Bed Quilts

Clara's Basset Heaven

( twin quilt )

Designed, pieced, and machine appliqued by Val Brewer ~ machine quilted by Catherine Wynn

This quilt was made for the late Debbie Winchester, a talented contributor to the on-line basset forum "The Daily Drool." The Daily Drool is an international group of basset hound owners who exchange advice, resources, stories about their bassets, fantasies, and general good will about all things basset. Debbie wrote of her vision of the town in the clouds across the rainbow bridge which is basset heaven. Other members wrote in their ideas as well of such places as the bark-a-lounger store, the headquarters of the Pacific Basset Feet, and the telescope where bassets look down on their earthly families. These are all depicted in this quilt.